Exploring Nature Photography

by Sheila Newenham

I hope to connect people to nature by sharing my passion for wildlife and wild places. By bringing the individual, emotional, sentient side of our natural world into people’s homes, I can expand the appreciation and experience of the wild.  I want my art to show you something you’ve never seen before or to make you think about something in a new way and stay with you when you leave.

Sheila Newenham photographer
Sheila photographing the art of nature in kelp on Cannon Beach
Sheila Newenham photographer
Sheila photographing bears in Alaska

I feel most alive when I am out wandering.  Every chance encounter with a wild animal invigorates me.  Those precious moments when we both stop entirely and regard one another, then the acceptance in watching that sentient being go about the business of daily life without any further concern for me are gifts.  I love to venture off the beaten path, to marvel at things I’ve never seen, noticed, or appreciated before, to learn about places through immersion, and to breathe it all in.  And then my heart is full.

Join me, through my pictures and words, in my journeys near and far.  I hope that you are inspired to get out there, too.

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What People Are Saying about Exploring Nature Photography

“You take the most beautiful photos of animals – you can feel the love you have for the animal in every image. Congratulations on having the technical skills to combine your love to make such a significant offering to us all.”   -Atala

“The photos I have bought from you are so interesting. A feeling of being there. Just wanting to put my hand out to pet those bears. Thank you for taking me places I’ll never see, but now I can see and feel it all inside.”  -Kathy

“You’re so good at capturing the things many people would miss.”  -Peter

“Love your images and your oneness with nature.”  -Usha

“Thank you for sharing the art and beauty of nature!  I always enjoy your images and stories that accompany them.”  -Marie

“Thank you for your wonderful talk! You really gave me a sense of being there in Alaska with you. And I loved how you interpreted the feelings of the bears from their body language.  It was a delight to be there last night to see and hear your talk on the bears!”  -Harry

I just love your photos. You capture the best of wildlife.”  -Judy

Your animal photos are absolutely remarkable in the gentle connection you have with all these beautiful beings.”  -Dorothy

Nature is truly a Healer. Your photos are so good for people’s psyche, especially now.”  -Barb


I’d love to hear from you, send me a note at SNewenham@exploringnaturephotos.com

Sheila Newenham photgrapher
Sheila at a gallery exhibit