Bear Photography

Brown BearMother as Refuge

These cubs are concerned about a male bear that’s just appeared at the river mouth, and they’re nuzzling into and under mom for comfort. Their mom’s cold, hard stare was enough to make the new bear keep his distance. He’s been run off by her before and doesn’t want to tangle with her again. She’s a good mom and seems to believe that the best defense is a good offense. Purchase this image here.

Brown BearString of Pearls

This is what a beautiful miss looks like. This bear rushed full speed through the outgoing tide and plunged with all her might, claws first, forelimbs reaching, all of her 500 pounds enveloped in the belly flop splash of water after a fleeing salmon. And came up empty. She stands quickly to scan the surface, find which way the fish went, and continue her pursuit. She was quite successful and caught a lot of fish this afternoon.

Brown Bear

Time to Move On
The fish have stopped running.  This bear plods up the beach to find a quiet place to slumber. 

Brown Bear Cub

Curious Brown Bear Cub
This one-year-old cub was with her mom and sibling as mom fished her way down the river right past where I sat on a mid-stream gravel bar. Her face is bloodied with the spoils of her mother’s fishing success. The adult bear had seen people before and never gave me a second glance. This youngster may have never seen people before and was curious about us. She stood up, just for a second, water dripping from her feet, to assess the situation. She decided we were safe enough for a closer look. My guide shook his jacket in her direction to shoo her back to her family. All the while, mom never looked back. This experience of acceptance from a wild, powerful predator is beyond description.

Charging for Salmon

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Brown Bear Cubs

The Three Stooges
The mother of these triplets is far up the beach in front of them on the other side of me (I’ve been sitting here. She walked past. I wouldn’t dare insert myself into this position).  As a confident, experienced sow, she lets them range far. In turn, she has instilled that confidence and independence in them and they are equally comfortable at such a distance.  They are frolicking up the beach in joyful, carefree play.

Brown Bear Cub

Hey, There!
This adorable brown bear cub is curious about me but isn’t going to let that curiosity get in the way of eating. A surprising amount of bears’ diets consist of grasses and sedges. When they first emerge from hibernation, skinny and hungry sedges are what sustains them. This curious cub, along with her sibling and mom, is eating goose tongue grass. It’s wonderfully refreshing, thick, crisp, and salty. Purchase this image here.

Bear Feet
This young bear is so relaxed, ears perked forward and more interested in something off to the right than me. And I am obsessed with bear feet – the size, the contrast in textures, the cute little toes…all of it!  Purchase this image here.

Black BearJust Hanging Around

Black bears to go the trees for safety. Young adults like this bear often sleep up in the treetops. Photographed in northern Minnesota. Purchase this image here.


The Girls Got Talent

This momma bear brought in fish after fish in the gorgeous late daylight as the tide went out, and the salmon made a last-ditch effort to run up the river. She’s one of the most successful fishing bears that I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Her cubs will do well.


Brown Bear with Salmon

Bears go all in after the targeted fish. There’s nothing half-hearted about it. The full belly flop with front legs outstretched creating a wave and splash of water that will completely hide a 600-pound bear resulting in a saturated face. This sow looks like she’s been dunked. After each lunge, each bear has a different array of water droplets, sprays, and drips. There is no end to my enjoyment of the unique character of each one.

Brown Bear Cubs at playSiblings
Play teaches life skills about communication, confidence, social skills, and more. It’s a fun way to learn. These two spring cubs are spending their day romping, rolling, and learning while their mom chases salmon to make sure their bellies stay full. Notice the sand thrown into the air with their antics.

Brown BearComing at You

Brown Bear after SalmonHot Pursuit

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