Long and Lean Katmai Wolf

Long and Lean, Katmai National Park, Alaska
Wolves are notoriously wary of people. That’s why this encounter is so unique. In the vast wilderness, this wolf was trotting along the opposite side of a creek as I headed back to camp at the end of the day. She seemed curious. I stopped and knelt down to make myself smaller and less imposing. She crossed the creek and warily approached. We regarded each other at a close distance, each trusting the other, for just a couple of minutes before she continued on into the trees.

Dreaming Fox

Dreaming Fox, Louisiana

Young Sea Otter

Curious Otter, Cook Inlet, Alaska


Jabba, South Dakota

Wild Cat

Bobcat, Point Reyes National Seashore


Stalking, Yellowstone National Park

Snake River Beaver

Snake River Beaver, Moose, Wyoming

Town Moose

Town Moose, Homer, Alaska

Spring Velvet

Spring Velvet, Estes Park, Colorado

Sheer Cliff Walkers

Sheer Cliff Walkers, Glacier National Park

Pronghorn Ewe

Pronghorn Ewe, Custer State Park, South Dakota

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