17-Year Cicadas

The Sound The noise is shocking. The intense background hum of thousands – millions? – of 17-year cicadas humming their love song.  As I move away from the parking lot at Highbanks Metro Park in Ohio, the sound fades.  I’m used to the rising drone … Continue reading17-Year Cicadas

Saying Goodbye

I’m saying goodbye to this land that I’ve loved and nurtured, and that has nurtured me back. We arrived in June 2009 to a sterile, weedy landscape. Morning glory vines had overrun all of the landscape beds, their long tendril roots anchored firmly through the … Continue readingSaying Goodbye

Low Tide Meander

When the weather prevents snorkeling, there is still ocean life to see. The difference here between low tide and high tide is one foot, yet it exposes twenty yards or so of seafloor.  If these were the extreme tides like they get in Alaska (twenty … Continue readingLow Tide Meander