What Heals You

I’ve been cooped up for too long, whiling away the days on social media, too tired to focus on even sedentary tasks.  For the last week, I’m mentally brighter consistently but still short of breath.  Over the last few weeks sick with COVID, I’ve had … Continue readingWhat Heals You

Fishing Bears

It’s all about the timing. Life in coastal Alaska is dictated by the tides – for both human and non-human animals. On the shore of Lake Clark National Park, the annual silver salmon run has just begun.  A few days ago, there were a few … Continue readingFishing Bears

American Toads

The Wooing I fell down a rabbit hole of toad photography one Monday this May. I set out with my camera and journal to sit on a shady bench under my backyard willow.  And I did.  The sounds of amphibians coming from the pond were … Continue readingAmerican Toads