Fishing Fox

Too Hot for Bears We’re sitting on a dilapidated old viewing platform above the O’Malley river in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.  The views are expansive.  Up the river, I can see the O’Malley Lake to my right, mountains across the valley in front of me, … Continue readingFishing Fox

Kodiak Brown Bears

A Different Culture The bears in Kodiak are different than other bears I’ve been around. Like people, various populations have their own cultures and dialects.  The body language that might tell a Katmai bear to settle down would send a Kodiak brown bear running over … Continue readingKodiak Brown Bears

17-Year Cicadas

The Sound The noise is shocking. The intense background hum of thousands – millions? – of 17-year cicadas humming their love song.  As I move away from the parking lot at Highbanks Metro Park in Ohio, the sound fades.  I’m used to the rising drone … Continue reading17-Year Cicadas