Landscape Photography

Grand Teton National Park

Moody Tetons, Grand Teton National Park
A lone common goldeneye dabbles at Schwabacher Landing in the golden landscape of the coming fall.  The Tetons name-sake peaks tower in the background as rays of sunlight spill through the dark clouds. Purchase this image here.

Ecola State ParkPacific Northwest Coast, Oregon

Yellowstone National Park

Spring in North Yellowstone

Aspen GroveQuaking Aspen Grove, Grand Teton National Park
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Cypress Swamp

Illinois Cypress Swamp
It’s hard to believe this is Illinois. It looks more like Louisiana. I love the depth to this image. It pulls me in and seems to go on forever. There is a soulful peace to this land. Illinois has a surprising variety of ecosystems throughout the state, from the sand prairie, tallgrass prairie, woodlands, limestone bluffs, and canyons to these cypress swamps. When I go out exploring, I never know what I’ll find. Purchase this image here.

Mount Iliamna

Mount Iliamna, Alaska

Emerald Lake StreamEmerald Lake Stream, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Coastal AlaskaWilderness, Alaska

A large coastal brown bear roams the vast Katmai National Park wilderness, dwarfed by the rugged scenery around her.


Winter SunsetWinter Sunset, Illinois

A fiery sunset out my window contrasts the coolness of the frosty, bare trees.

Fall ForestSkeletons of Fall, Vermont

Kachemak BayA Walk on the Beach, Kachemak Bay, Alaska

At low tide, the beach along the bay is expansive. Don’t lose track of time or turn your back on the tide, though. It will come rushing back in, reclaiming every bit of ground.


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