Bird Photography

Common Loon

All My Spots and Stripes (Common Loon), Wisconsin
In northern Wisconsin, a pair of loons live on almost every lake. Their tremolo calls are the iconic sounds of the Northwoods summer. Since they are used to fishermen on the lakes, a small fishing boat provides the perfect blind for photographing these surprisingly large birds without disturbing them. They are curious birds and will often swim right up to me. Read a loon story here.

Pine Grosbeak
Pine Grosbeak, Montana

Woodstar hummingbirdThe Hummer, Eleuthera, Bahamas
The Bahama woodstar hummingbird is found only on the Islands of Bahama. Read about the nature of Eleuthra here.

Northern Cardinal Northern Cardinal, Illinois

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Steller's Jay Steller’s Jay, Montana

All of the shades of blue with the contrast of black and white make this one of my favorite birds.

Sandhill CraneParachuting Crane, Jasper-Pulaski State Park, Indiana

Sandhill cranes gather here in the thousands during fall migration. I love how they look so clumsy falling out of the sky when landing. Read about my experiences with Crane migration here.

Indigo BuntingIndigo Bunting, Illinois

The striking Indigo Bunting is a rare treat during migration.

Tufted PuffinPuffin Runway, Cook Inlet, Alaska

I was on a small boat, rocking in the waves, trying to steady myself and pan as puffins and auklets flew all around.  To say it was a challenge is an understatement. It was so much fun! Read about my day at Puffin Island here.

Bald EagleLift Off (American Bald Eagle), Wisconsin

Red Winged BlackbirdCalling All Girls! (Red-winged Blackbird), Illinois


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