Fall at the Feeders

As the seasons change, so do the birds that frequent my backyard feeders. The regulars are always around – the ubiquitous house sparrows, the happy house finches, and the daily morning visits of blue jays looking for their peanuts, always announcing their arrival.  The jays … Continue readingFall at the Feeders

Resident Ducks

Sunday morning, my dog, Bridger, was particularly interested in two spruce trees at the edge of our yard.  With all of the wildlife that comes and goes, I was curious to see what he’d found.  I went near where he was and cautiously looked under … Continue readingResident Ducks

Praying Mantis

In the seven summers we’ve lived in this house, I’ve occasionally seen a praying mantis in the yard, sometimes out front and sometimes out back. This past summer I began seeing one pretty regularly in and around the front bushes. She is kind of shy, … Continue readingPraying Mantis