A Summer Morning with the Wrens

I’m sitting on my front porch on a comfy love seat.  The wrens are busily feeding a noisy birdhouse full of chicks.  They’ve been nesting in this birdhouse for years.

Returning to the nest, the parents always perch a few branches away and announce their presence before landing at the nest. Fat CaterpillarFeeding hungry mouthsI can’t believe there are that many little caterpillars around. And they find/catch them amazingly fast!  No wonder I can’t find a swallowtail or monarch caterpillar in my yard.

Both arrival with food at the same time
Both parents arrive with food at the same time

The nestlings, soon to be fledglings, are poking their heads out of the birdhouse hole anticipating the next mouthful.

Anticipating more
Nestling Peeking Out

The green herons are carrying on about something, flying about.  Maybe they have fledglings, too? The red tail hawks fledged recently and it seems they are always calling their familiar screech.  There’s a perfect cool, light breeze and the humidity is low.

Tybee is at my feet and Bridger is by side.  I am content and full of gratitude for this place where I while away this morning.

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  1. I didn’t know the fathers as well as the mothers provide food for their fledglings… nice. By us I believe the wrens announce (rather LOUDLY!) everything they ever do… LOL! Bridger and Tybee show your contentment in them it seems.

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